Hello hackers, I’m Carlos Trujillo, host of MinorityCoding and proud electric guitar owner. I created MinorityCoding to help others and myself grow and become the best developers we can be.

I love personal development, and software development is the best career to reflect that because it is in constant uphill. You are constantly learning and improving yourself; there is no end to it. You will always feel that hype when you try a new technology or fire up a new fancy gadget.

My ultimate goal is to become the best modern front-end Javascript developer out there, and for that, we will have to dive into the depths of this incredible language. From simple declarations to complex React components, from declarative to functional programming, we will cover all regarding Javascript in the front-end. Trust me; even if we focus on the front-end, there is still a lot to cover, especially if you are starting out.

Let me tell you a little about me and my story. I was born in Cuba, a sweltering island with possibly the most candid and enjoyable people you can meet. Strong coffee and salsa dancing are in our DNA, also talking loud and impressive dominoes skills. But unfortunately, Cuba is a very poor and undeveloped country. It is no place to build a future or career.

My family and I emigrated here in 2015, I was 25, and I had earned a Bachelor of Science in Automation in Cuba, which I later realize was almost worthless. I’ve always liked computers and the idea that with just this single device you can make your way into a great life, business and even change the world.

So I started my journey to learn to program. Some things were easy, some are still hard, and since I don’t have a formal education in Computer Science, learning all this while working full time was challenging. A lot of effort, ups and downs, and finally, in 2019, I landed my first developer job, and from there, I’ve never stopped coding. Life is hard, no matter the country, race, heritage. We want to be successful, have a worriless life, progress and make our mark.

I want this blog to be my mark or at least part of it. I want to help others to reach more easy what it took me a lot of sweat and tears. And I want to reach every possible person who feels like they deserve more and tell them that it is not only possible but necessary.

I still have a long path in front of me, lots to learn, lots to fail, but never looking back. If you are reading this, I want you to know that everything comes with the right mindset, dedication and patience, you can make it, and I’ll be honoured to help you get there.

– Carlos Trujillo